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About the site

Rainbow Facet was created early 2004 by Jens Strandell as a response to frequent requests by people asking for images of the Speedster/VX in different colors on various forums. So the main reason why the site was created was to help people compare how the different colors looked but the second reason was to have a huge gallery featuring the most extreme mods so that others could seek inspiration and see what had been done to the car by fellow speedsterowners.

The images on this site are contributed by members of the various Speedster/VX clubs out there and more content is being added as it becomes available.

All photos hosted on this site are copyrighted by their respective owner, the waterstamp means they passed through this site, please keep that in mind.

I would like to thank John Susi for providing me with a webserver and Shinyandy for sorting me out with webspace and uploading files for me during the time when my other webhost was offline, and IŽd also like to thank everyone who has sent me images, and given me feedback about the site. It's always nice to get in contact with other owners out there :)

Rainbow Facet has been visited tens and thousands of times since it was opened in 2004.

The site is optimized to be viewed in a resolution of 1024X768 or higher and over an internet connection of 0.5 Mbit or faster.

The topmenu might not align correctly to the browserwindow when viewed in Mozilla Firefox.

The page is as of 2007 the gallery section of "".